Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Tourists Want the Fun of "Big Gay Ice Cream Truck" Cones at Times Square

Neighborhoods: Flatiron, Union Square
Broadway & 17th Street
New York, NY 10003

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck can be found in the West Village during the day, near East Village and Chelsea bars and clubs at night, Doug wants to spread his business all over the city that never sleeps. How about some Brooklyn and Manhattan appearances? One thing is clear. If you hear cha-cha music,just know that the rainbow sprinkles must not be too far away.

New York Street Sightings: The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and Cafepress Merchandise

Welcome to the streets of New York City where everything goes. While you can take your seat right on the streets at Times Square and watch the world come to you from all different corners of the world, you can now have some Big Gay Ice cream Truck served to you to keep you cool. Where else but in New York? as we talk about ice cream, that idea will bring a few chuckles to your voice. Doug Quint is the guy behind the ice cream selling truck. He is a classically-trained bassoonist too. Doug does not mind telling people he is gay. As in joyful, happy and lively! He does not mind telling people that every time, he makes it gay! He offers servings such as wasabi peas, caramelized bacon, trix cereal, rainbow sprinkles and nutella. My party and I could not help smiling when we saw the truck on the streets of New York as we were taking in the sights, sounds and beauty of the busy city.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Eating squash soup for dinner. Thanks, Eddy and Rachel


Traveling with History: Racial Lines and the Color of Crime in the Cambridge-Boston Area

Various reports show that the Boston-Cambridge area has a history of racial tension dating to the 1970s, when court-mandated busing led to violence as whites threw rocks and bricks at buses carrying black students.

These ugly incidents are revisited with the arrest of one of the country's most renowned African-American intellectuals. It must be noted that race relations have calmed down since these days.

Even President Obama was once experiencing profiling as he wrote in The Audacity of Hope. "Although largely through luck and circumstance, I now occupy a position that insulates me from of the bumps and bruises tha tthe average black man must endure - I can recite the usual litany of petty slights that during my 45 years have been directed my way: security guards tailing me as I shop in department stores, white couples who toss me their car keys as I stand outside a restaurant waiting fo rthe valet, police cars pulling me over for no apparent reason. I know what it is like to have people telling me I can not do something because of my skin color...."Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope.

Boston Tourists Acquainted with Cambridge Resident, Harvard Prof Arrest and Racial Lines

The arrest of Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his home and the subsequent drop of charges by Cambridge police were the main headlines on local and national news organizations for the past few days. Renowned African-American scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. accused a Cambridge police officer of racism after being questioned by cops investigating a call about a break-in at his home according to various reports. When President Obama weighed in, that did not help much.

58-year-old Harvard University professor who has been on various PBS programs was arrested outside his home on Ware Street in Cambridge Thursday for disorderly conduct. Police officers were responding to another resident's call that someone was trying to break into the professor's home. When police arrived, an officer saw Gates was trying to get into his home. The officer did not realize that it was his own home. The professor received the help of a companion who was returning with from a trip to China. The officer wanted to talk to him about a report of a possible break-in. " Various reports presented this side of the story, "Why, because I'm a black man?". The conversation wentf sour. There were accusations of being a racist cop.

The remark set off a volatile exchange that led to Gates' arrest. Officer Crowley said that Gates repeatedly referred to him as a "racist" police officer."

(Visiting New York from Boston and Watching Henry Louis Gates Jr. on Timesquare Big Screen)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hotels and Other Gazers

If you want to enjoy Timesquare and surrounding areas, you may want to stay at Marriott, the Hotel and many others. Especially, if you are traveling with children, you want to be located closer to the heart of the action. If you stay at any hotel on the Avenue of the Americas, you will do well. Keep in mind that the best time to experience New York is at night. During the day, start your adventures in the Subway system. But at night, you want to be near Timesquare where the actions are taking place.
Bear in mind that people want to be staying right or near Timesquare. This hotel receives guests from all over the world. Its rooms and services are great. Staff are nice to talk to. Depending on the number of nights you want to spend there, they can always work with you. For example, if you have to check out early, they can store your luggage until much later. Make sure to give a donation to the bus boy or concierge who will retrieve them for you when you are ready.

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Places to Visit and Eat at: New York City Sights, Scenes and People

New York City Sights, Scenes and People

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Walking timesquare, new York city

Staten island's public transportation

Let your adventures start. Take the Subway and head out to Staten Island. You will be able to see the Statue of Liberty as you are on the boat. The boat transportation is free. Well, it is subsidized by the government. Nothing is truly free in New York. Remember to bring money

Statue of liberty